The salvage works have been granted from Rome Municipality to Roma Sotterranea who appointed Fabio Ciccone; as supervisor.  The restoration works took place under the guidance of restorer Roberta Tessari. Everything happened under the control of the officials of  Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, leaded by Dr.ssa Emma Marconcini.

48 associates of Roma Sotterranea took part to the salvage operations, both inside, removing graffitis, restoring the metal parts, remaking the electrical system, and outside, reopening the old road through the dense vegetation and creating a walking path.  Amongst all of them we want to express all our gratitude to Davide Parissenti: without his knowledge and professionalism we'd never been able to restore the electrical system neither to have the armoured metal doors working again.

Many thanks to: Adriano, Alessio, Helen, Luca G., Rosa, Flavia T., Vittorio C, Vittorio P., Ilaria Carmen, Luigi, Marco D.F., Donatella, Emanuela, Stefano, and all the others who made available their time, often during weekends and off hours. To all of them goes the appreciation of the Board of Directors of Roma Sotterranea.