Villa Ada Savoia royal shelter entranceVilla Ada Savoia, one of the biggest public parks in Rome: 150 hectars partly well kept and partly a thick forest. And right here, in the dense vegetation lies the bunker built for the Savoia, the Royal Family that ruled Itali until 1946.A brick arch and a sturdy metal gate is the only visible sign of this presence.

For 70 years the bunker has remained hidden. forgotten, silent. Many - passing by - probably only by chance, hardly noticed the brick of this underground building, abandoned in the darkness and almost invisible.

Often visited by vandals and writers, this place was known in the past as "The Devil's bunker": pseudo-satanic gatherings were taking place here and many writings on the walls celebrate Satan The high humidity level and the complete abandonment made the rest.

Villa Ada Savoia royal shelter before restoration

In 2012 a gate built by Rome Municipality put an end to this misuses and by the middle of october 2015 the restoration works started, handled by Associazione Roma Sotterranea.

More than 2.700 hours of work brought the place back to its original conditions. A long and careful recovery, under the strict supervision of the experts of Rome Superintndency Offices, that returned to the public an important national historical heritage.